Flips & Fitness Flip-Flops Back Tucks & More

First Place Philosophy


We specialize in teaching back handsprings, back tucks, back layouts, forward and backward twisting, as well as any other flip you want to learn!

Cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts from every team and facility in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas choose Flips & Fitness to help them achieve their tumbling and fitness goals. Here’s why:

Flips & Fitness stands apart from all other gymnastics and tumbling facilities in the state; we proudly follow the First Place™ Program, a comprehensive model that includes effective methodologies for coach training, development of athlete mentality, skills visualization, and fitness regimenting.

Our highly trained and tested coaches teach all of our students by this model to guarantee a shorter learning and acquisition period for all tumbling skills.

Whether they are enrolled in private lessons or a group class, our students always gain confidence and strength as they advance their skills technically. We offer a positive, fun, and safe environment for our students to become the best they can be!